The Tune


I really like the Melody and Harmony Assistant programs, and the two guys from France have made significant progress, so I thought it´s time for a more advanced tutorial. All the things mentioned in the first tutorial are still true with the current version, even if some menus have changed.

In this tutorial I want to touch the more advanced features of Melody assistant such as the Virtual Singer and Digital Effects.

The way through the tutorial will be similar to the introduction tutorial. First of all we create a small score and then we will add some more things to the song till it sounds „good“ at least in my opinion. I try to touch as many new features as possible during the creation of this song. I hope this helps to get more familiar with Melody Assistant. This version of the document is based on Melody Assistant version 5.4.0

One important thing: You should support the shareware concept. Please pay for the software, if you use it for further work. Now, let's move on to the tutorial!


I assume that you are familiar with the program itself and/or that you have gone through my introduction tutorial. I start with a freshly installed copy of Melody Assistant. In this tutorial I will not show every button and each menu, because the description of each task should be self-explaining. If you have troubles to follow the tutorial, please let me know, so I can make the according adjustments. But now let´s start with The Tune!