The Tune

Melody for Lyrics

I promise that these are the last notes, you have to add to our score. Choose bars 13-16 to add the following to the “Voice” staff:


It is already something, which doesn´t sound to bad with the voice chosen as an instrument for this staff. Generally speaking the score is now complete. Nevertheless we want to add a few more gimmicks to the score. Let´s start with


The text for this melody is not really a poem, but it fits to the notes. Sometimes even my creativity is at ground zero :-). Go to the menu and pick the “Edit Lyrics ...” item from the Score menu. In the following window, select the voice staff as the staff, where you want to associate the lyrics to. A new window pops up, which allows you to enter the text of the song between slashes. Select the appropriate space between two slashes, so that the Current Bar is shown as number 13 in the top right corner of this window. Now add the text as follows:


As you can see, spaces and dashes separate the syllables for each note. If you press OK, you will see the text written below the Voice staff, exactly positioned under each according note.


If you play the score now, nothing has changed, but this leads us to the most exiting feature of Melody Assistant. Go to the next part of this tutorial.