The Tune

Virtual Singer

This is the most interesting part of the whole score project we are working on. If the Virtual Singer is not already on your screen, open it via the Windows menu. A window will open up similar to the following one:


In order to use him, you have to select a language for him. Click on the red question mark or the flag below the word “Voice”. Select US English as language. If the person is not on the stage in the virtual singer window and the red curtain is closed, enable the virtual singer by clicking on the bird at the upper left corner of this window.

If you play our tune again, you will hear someone singing the lyrics, we entered in the last step of this tutorial. There is nothing more to this section of the tutorial, but I thought it is worth to have a own page for this singing guy :-)

Let´s move on to the last part of this tutorial and clean up some things and look at the print page of Melody Assistant.