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I really like the Melody and Harmony Assistant programs, so I thought that I could write a small tutorial on „How to create Music“ with these programs. The main focus of this document is on showing one way to get things done. Please forgive me if there are some strange sentences or words in the text; I'm not a native English speaker. If you find some really weird errors, please send me a short notice.

First of all we want to create a small melody and then we will add some more things to the song till it sounds „good“ at least in my opinion. I show you a lot of the basic features by composing a little song. I hope this helps to get used to Melody Assistant. This version of the document is based on Melody Assistant version 3.4.0

One important thing: You should support the shareware concept. Please pay for the software, if you use it for further work. Now, let's move on to the tutorial!


I assume that you are familiar with a basic menu structure of standard application programs, you know how to scroll windows, and so on. I hope it's not a problem to find the „open file“ menu entry. I start with a fresh installed copy of Melody Assistant.

Use the buttons to the left to navigate your way through the tutorial. Start with First Steps!