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 Our Tune
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Adding drums

To get some kind of rhythm to the song, we have to add some drum patterns. The drum staves look different than the normal staves. That's because most of the percussion instruments can play one sound only. That means we don't need the lines in the staves for drums. In our song there are four kind of usual percussion prepared:

  • Open HiHat
  • Closed HiHat
  • Snare Drum
  • Bass Drum

Select the normal „Add“ mode and put the following drum „notes“ on the first bar in the staves:


Now use the „Select“ mode to mark the first bar of the first three staves of the drum section. Use the copy button copy of the „Action tools“ to copy that part to a buffer. Mark the second bar of the first three staves of the drum section and press the paste button paste of the „Action tools“. You have copied the whole first bar to the second bar. Now add the slightly changed Bass Drum section to the second bar:


Once again we have to copy and paste. Mark the first two bars of all four drum staves and copy them. Mark the third and the fourth bar of all four drum staves and paste your copied material. Great. The drum section should look like this:


Now press the space bar, to hear the „beta“ version of your composition.