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 First Steps

First Steps

First you have to select the language you like (For me it's English). For the unregistered version you have to press the Continue button or OF COURSE the Order Code button. I presume you've pressed the Continue button. Now you see something like this:


When you press the space bar, you should hear the Welcome jingle. If you don't hear anything you should check your computer setup and the „Configuration/Hardware configuration“ menu. I presume that this works out of the box. Now press the „close“ button close, which is the third on the „Action tools“ shown below.


Now we get rid of some of the menus we don't need at the moment. Use the „Windows“ menu and mark only the following tools:

  • Action tools
  • Edition tools
  • Note tools

Now press the „New file“ button new on the „Action tools“ palette. Now a selection box appears, where you should double-click the “Default document” menu entry for this tutorial. With the created score, we can start to create our music. You can rearrange the floating palette windows with the mouse. Hold the blue menu bar and move them, double-click on the blue menu bar to change the orientation of the window. Now your desktop should look something like that: